Hi, I'm Kristine

Latvian born and raised, I spent all my childhood summers in my grandmothers garden. She was a wonderful lady, incredibly hardworking. A self taught gardener, she grew anything one could imagine. I still remember the sweet smell of soil in her greenhouse in early spring and my granny, bent over timber crates, replanting countless tiny seedlings. 

Flowers were my grandmothers true passion. Along with many other blooms, every summer she would grow at least one or two exotic flowers that nobody else in her town had ever seen before. Every winter she would come up with new designs for her advent wreaths. Ever the trendsetter, her floral designs were divine. Perhaps it was inevitable that I would follow in her footsteps, combining my inherited love for flowers with my background in interior design.  I wish my granny was still around to see this, it would make her happy and proud, I'm sure.

From creating bouquets to styling your venue in a way that enhances it's most beautiful features, I feel incredibly lucky that I get to do this for a living. I am a hopeless romantic  and I believe that a wedding day is one of those amazingly wonderful days that everyone should experience. Do it your way, don't follow traditions. Or do, if that's what you like! It's your day, one that you will always remember and I would be oh so delighted to help you make it even more beautiful!