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So it's been six months already since I married the most amazing Irish man! It's hard to explain, but there's something slightly intimidating about showing off my own wedding, so I've been keeping it under wraps. I'm really excited to finally share though, and I hope you enjoy the photos and the read...


Like most of the couples I've ever met, Colm and I dreamt of crafting a sincere and intimate event that truly reflects our values and personalities. No fuss and no pretense, just heartfelt, relaxed celebration where our amazing family and friends could catch-up or meet each other. We decided to celebrate our wedding in Latvia and were delighted to find a beautiful barn in the deep countryside. With the desired relaxed setting inevitably establishing an informal vibe, it was important to us that the seriousness of exchanging the vows wouldn't be undermined. Naturally, I set myself an exciting challenge of designing a concept for an elegant yet relaxed day.

The barn is surrounded by overgrown forests and gardens, and right next to it there's a beautiful yard, encircled by tall trees - a perfect location for an outdoor ceremony. We added a lush foliage arch with jewel tone florals to create a focal point for the organic, understated background. I sourced the translucent ghost chairs to subtly add a sense of glamour. We carried the organic gardenesque aesthetic throughout the venue, trailing lush birch and foliage garlands along the beams inside the barn to create a natural green backdrop. We complemented the rustic interior by suspending plank shelves for light installations and leaving the tables bare. The sequin table runners and ghost chairs beautifully contrasted the rustic setting and added gracious lightness and an elegant look. The dark grey vases for the wild, gardenesque table arrangements, along with the dark candles in translucent candlesticks added a touch of drama to the overall aesthetic. As the night closed in, the warm fairy lights and candlelights throughout the venue where beautifully mirrored by the gold sequins, translucent chairs and glassware, bouncing magical reflections throughout the venue.

Latvia is amazing for easy access to locally grown flowers - there are flower markets everywhere, and everyone in the countryside has gardens full of seasonal blooms. We sourced part of the flowers in a local flower market, and Liene (one of my chief bridesmaids and Lovebird Designs stationery designer) went to all the neighbours to trade home-made cakes for dahlias. This is why I love her so much! Most of the flowers in my bouquet were picked in my mums garden. For my delicate foliage headpiece I used buxus, planted by my granny who passed away a long time ago. Since she was the person who taught me everything I know about flowers, I was so happy I could honour her memory in such a meaningful way. 

Having gone through this ineffable experience myself, I am happy to report that YES, everything you've heard is true! It sincerely was the happiest day of my life, and it flew by far too quickly. The enjoyment overload was so overwhelming that I couldn't help but burst into tears every ten minutes. Seeing everyone we love together - dancing, laughing, catching-up or getting to know each other - was the most amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's a day I will cherish forever, and without being scared to sound like a big roundy cheeseball, I am sincerely grateful I have found my dream profession and get to go through this magical experience over and over again vicariously through my wonderful clients. And YES, being married is pretty amazing! Colm and I had been together for nine years before we tied the knot, and while declaring our commitment officially seemed like a significant step, we weren't expecting any changes in our relationship. Yet somehow marriage feels different than partnership, and there's a quiet confidence and and deeper strength added to our union. 

I would like to say a HUGE thanks to Katya Shehurina, a fellow Latvian designer who not only designed my beautiful dress, but also altered my mum's veil. Katya stocks in a few bridal stores across Ireland and her headquarter boutique is based in Soho in London. Katya herself, however, is based in Riga and I was so honoured (and totally star-struck!) to meet her in person for my dress trials in Latvia. She is not only insanely talented, but also so so lovely!

We also were lucky to hire the best caterers in the world. Inese's energy and passion is contagious, and without having even sampled the food, I knew we were in safe hands. They provided an amazing feast, incredibly delicious and beautifully presented. I only wish we were working in the same country, I would recommend her to everyone! 

Finally, I would like to thank Sonia from Inspired by Love for capturing our day so beautifully. I had the pleasure of working with Sonia in Ireland before she moved back to Slovakia, and I was delighted when she agreed to travel to Latvia for our wedding. 


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